About Us at RSC - Rowell Solutions Co.

Who We Serve

Rowell Solutions Co, known as RSC, serves the Greater Metropolitan Oklahoma City Area. This includes but isn't limited to suburbs and outer laying cities like Yukon, Warr Acres, Edmond, Norman, Midwest City and Mustang. If you're in or near Oklahoma City, we can easily reach you!

For those who don't need on-site care, we can also help you from anywhere on Earth. Well, maybe the ISS, too!

Personal Computer Laptop with a fresh cup of coffee.
Simplicity and Efficiency at its finest.

About Us - Our Approach

We want our customers to feel comfortable, especially about us. Having confidence in your expert and service provider hinges on punctuality, urgency, attitude, education style, patience among many other virtues we hold dear.

From on-site help to remote help (remote at a reduced rate), we can help knock out nearly any problem in an efficient manner.

Satisfaction for home and work comes from personal success and progress. We grew tired of seeing the Information Technology (IT) industry's customers cry out for better service and the first time. Now, it's time to progress beyond the stereotype so we can all share success.

We recognize this behavior of our industry. We want to help rewrite the standard on how a genuinely empathetic and friendly support agent is needed. Then, actually provide that service! We want to do things right for you so that you only need to contact again to win extra successes. Instead of revisiting issues that should have been resolved from the start.

Admittedly, it would be unwise to think things are completely right, even after support. It happens, just like a car. Maybe it won't start because your battery is bad. After fixing it, a few days later your fuel pump fails. We'll stand by you the whole way, no matter what happens. Check out our FAQ/Pricing for some handy details about us.

About Us - Our Story

Rowell Solutions Co. started as a need to fill a very wide gap we in the information technology industry. As IT Professionals, a need to help homes and companies alike with technicians that can be trusted to deliver accurate, friendly help is in high demand.

Have you experience from a TV, Internet, or Phone provider who needs to fix something, only to find another occurrence of the same problem and have to call back for another technician? That can impact a customer's experience with that service in a huge way.

What about needing computer help? Maybe your computer or network needs improvement to perform better or expand. You call for help, hold patiently for long durations of time. Then, when you get that help you're treated with a "lower than me" attitude ... maybe like it's even all your fault.

These are the problems our founder wants to work toward resolving. Because we know we'll do right by you the first time so that later if something comes to pass, you'll come back for trustworthy, reliable help.

Perception is reality. We want to move straight toward your reality as having the best experience anybody else has to offer in a professional IT relationship.

Meet the Team

More will show as we grow, but let's learn about exactly who will be helping out!

Professional Photograph

Shaun Rowell

Owner, Sole Proprietor and CEO



Shaun has been in IT Management, workstation building, PC repair, and networking support for over 35 years.

He has been deep into computers, networking, and electronics hobbies since he was 5 years old. He built his first 8088 IBM XT Clone PC 640kb RAM and one RLL 10MB HDD with his father at a young 6 years old. Ever since, he fell in love with all things computing and communications, and moved that hobby to his profession.

Let Us Help

Reach out and let us know what kind of help you need! If you know some details, the more the better (ie: networking equipment, workstation fleet detail, troubles you need resolved, et al).

A great example on how one might communicate steps already completed could be:

Browser won't launch on Dell Inspiron 3847. Deleted cookies, history, and cache. Uninstalled the browser, rebooted and reinstalled. Still no success, issue duplicates.