Some customers will have some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Over the course of time, we will update these as relevant information becomes more apparent!

How do your labor costs work?

Labor costs are billed at a flat rate for the first half hour, which may be needed as a deposit (case by case basis). Each hour after those 30 minutes the rate is billed at the same rate, per hour. Those per-hour costs begin and end by the second.

What about the cost of consultations?

Consultations are billed in the same manner but at a reduced rate of 10% off the usual labor cost.

Down to the brass tacks. What are those costs?

  • Commercial Rates: $110
  • Residential Rates: $50

Let's use residential rates as an example even though both amounts operate in the same manner. This hypothetical job would be 2 hours long. Here's the layout:

  • First 1/2 Hour (mandatory): $50
  • Each additional hour (to the second): $50

The first half-hour is $50.

The other 1.5hrs would be $75 (at the same $50/hr).

This totals $125 for 2 hours labor, down to the second in this example.

Do you have customer support, including remote services?

Of course! Remote services are billed at 15% off the usual rate for residential or commercial customers. To use that remote support, we use Teamviewer. Just download, launch and while live with an RSC Agent, share the Teamviewer 9 digit ID and password. When we're done, just close Teamviewer and delete the download!

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. Just email us!

Can you tell me anything about refunds?

If at any reason one must cancel a job before it begins, you will receive your deposit's refund, minus a flat-rate fee of 3%.

A job can also be cancelled by one after work begins. Perhaps equipment has been purchased in addition to the deposit, plus time worked. On a case by case basis, equipment will be refunded or delivered to you, depending on the eligibility to return for refund. However, the invested labor and deposit cannot be refunded. Like mentioned above, all refunds will be sent, minus a flat-rate fee of 3%.

Any last words?

If service is needed on third-party equipment that you have purchased, please schedule a pick-up or meet up delivery. Yes, we can come to you! Please have all payment arrangements between you and your third-party finalized before passing your equipment to RSC.