Commercial or Residential Solutions


IT Consulting

We offer consulting for those who need help getting started with a new IT plan.

Rowell Solutions Co. is happy to provide customers with consultation services. Somtimes we just don't know where to start or how to proceed with expanding personal or business technology. RSC can help!


Computer Repair and Maintenance

RSC repairs and maintains computers from hardware to software.

Sometimes one computer breaks or doesn't behave as expected. Other times, several misbehave. This can be stressful, especially if you've a customer in front of you. We can help get your workstation or personal computer running right again!


Network Troubleshooting, Configuration and Deployment

RSC is happy to help lay out a network plan that includes installation, troubleshooting and setup.

Today, our professional and personal lives depend on networks. Configuring these to work in a secure manner where devices you need to have, work outside of your site while keeping others out. Other times we just need help with a good wiring layout plan and deployment. We can service all of these needs.


Computer Building: Business Fleet or Personal PC

Rowell Solutions is able to build a fleet of workstations or even build beastly gaming computers!

Help, my business needs several cost competitive computers! If it's several computers you need for work or a personal computer for general or gaming use - RSC can provide it all!


Virus, Trojan Horse, and Malware Removal

Rowell Solutions Co. will help clean up computers infected with viruses, trojan horses and a variety of other malware.

Why is my computer doing that? What would cause my computer to suddenly freeze, demanding money to be unlocked? Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, and other malware can stress or cripple a business or personal computer. Don't worry, we can make it all safe and clean again.